Knight of the Drones (I)
Episode 1 of 22 within Season Three. Item 47 of 92 overall.
Production number 58675.
Robert Foster - Writer
Gerald Sanford - Writer
Sidney Hayers - Director
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In San Francisco, Michael and KITT are alerted when a murderer with ties to the Foundation's past escapes from jail in an armored car that appears to drive itself. The mission forces Michael to enlist the help of an old friend who might hold the key to breaking down the drone car's complex CPU.

In the meantime, Michael must face radio-controlled robots and the martial-artist bodyguards of Chinatown criminal Margo Sheridan, who sells secrets to the highest bidder.

original airdate--September 30,1984   rating: 18.9/29 share


music--Knight Rider theme song by Stu Phillips





                                                   Closing Narration: 

Michael Knight. A Lone crusader in a dangerous world. The World, of the Knight Rider. 


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regional titles

Ridder van de hommels (I)
Knight of the Drones (I)
Le Chevalier de métal (I)
Ein geheimnisvoller Roboter (I)
Ridire den Dordáin (I)
I misteri di China Town (I)
Kitt contra los robots (I)