Knight of the Juggernaut (I)
Episode 1 of 22 within Season Four. Item 69 of 92 overall.
Production number 60275.
Burton Armus - Writer
Robert Foster - Writer
Georg Fenady - Director
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Michael and KITT must guard a mysterious and volatile new isotope, "Cernium," inadvertently created in a Foundation laboratory. Feared international terrorist Phillip Nordstrom plans to steal the isotope during its transportation and layover in Chicago.

He intercepts Michael with "The Juggernaut," a specially designed mobile battering ram that smashes into KITT and destroys the trusty Trans Am. Separated from the Knight Foundation, Michael enlists some new friends to re-build a better KITT and retrieve the missing isotope.

This bring's the introduction of some new features to KITT, Super Persuit Mode (SPM), Emergency Breaking System (EBS) and...the "C" button. Also the introduction of a new permanent character, Reginald Charles the Third (RC3).

original airdate--September 20,1985   rating: 15.3


music--Knight Rider theme song by Stu Phillips


Goof: In the scene where K.I.T.T. "buttons up" his Super-Pursuit-Mode gadgetry just before the final showdown with the armored vehicle, only one of K.I.T.T.'s two tiny front "stabilizer fins" is shown retracting; footage of the same fin sliding back in is just shown twice; we never see the other fin retract.


  • When Michael storms into Thortex and demands to see Hower, he is wearing light-colored shoes. Shortly after when he sneaks up to the 2nd floor, he is wearing dark/black shoes. When leaving the building with the Devon Miles imposter, he is wearing the light color shoes again.
  • When KITT's convertible mode is first revealed, we get a good look at the dashboard. Most of KITT's displays and buttons are seen to be cardboard cutouts or white tape.




                                                Closing Narration: 

Michael Knight. A Lone crusader in a dangerous world. The World, of the Knight Rider. 


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regional titles

Ridder van de Juggernaut (I)
Knight of the Juggernaut (I)
Chevalier de la Juggernaut (I)
Ritter der Moloch (I)
Ridire den Juggernaut (I)
Cavaliere di Juggernaut (I)
Caballero del gigante (I)