Episode 18 of 20 within Season Two. Item 22 of 61 overall.
Production number 218.
Paul Donovan - Writer
Lex Gigeroff - Writer
Bill Fleming - Director
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As the crew of the Lexx desperately flee Mantrid's army of robot drones, they encounter a strange, floating theater in space. Once they are inside, an elaborate musical production begins that recounts the history of Kai and his people, the Brunnen-G. Kai and Xev both find themselves taking part in the musical: Kai as himself when he was alive, Xev as Kai's unnamed lover.

At the episode's end the musical's message of proudly fighting even in the face of sure defeat convinces Stanley Tweedle to join his friends in battle against Mantrid. The inspiration for this episode is the musical Brigadoon, where a cursed town only appears one day every hundred years.

original airdate--April 09,1999

network: SciFi

songs: The Brunnen-G song is sung by Cam Hawkins, Marty Simon and Stan Meisner

  1. Brunnen G by Marty Simon
  2. Dull Dull Dull by Marty Simon
  3. Go Beyond by Marty Simon
  4. Remember - Go Beyond by Marty Simon
  5. I Must Leave by Marty Simon
  6. Time Prophet by Marty Simon
  7. The End of the Brunnen G by Marty Simon
  8. Accusations by Marty Simon
  9. Trial by Marty Simon
  10. Two Hearts by Marty Simon
  11. We Welcome Death by Marty Simon
  12. We Are The Brunnen G by Marty Simon
  13. A Good Way To Die by Marty Simon
  14. Kai's Death by Marty Simon
  15. Final Stand by Marty Simon




"I am Kai, last of the Brunnen-G. Millennia ago, the Brunnen-G led humanity to victory in the war against the insect civilization. The Timeprophet predicted that I would be the one to destroy the divine order in the league of the 20.000 planets. Someday that will happen, but not today. Cause' today is my day of death. The day our story begins".

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regional titles

Der Letzte der Brunnen G