The Rock
Episode 6 of 24 within Season Four. Item 43 of 61 overall.
Production number 406.
Paul Donovan - Writer
Lex Gigeroff - Writer
Stephen Reynolds - Director
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Discovering that they're flying right over Newfoundland, Stan decides it's time to pay his subjects a little visit. Unfourtunatly, none of the inhabitants seem particularly impressed by his presiential decree, and instead focus on his remarkable resemblance to the most hated man in town.

Meanwhile Stan is lynched, and Kai plays the tavern pianoman, with endless variations of "Yo Way Yo". Priest nukes Newfoundland.

original airdate: August 17,2001

network: SciFi

music: The Brunnen-G song is sung by Cam Hawkins, Marty Simon and Stan Meisner





"I am Kai, last of the Brunnen-G. Millennia ago, the Brunnen-G led humanity to victory in the war against the insect civilization. The Timeprophet predicted that I would be the one to destroy the divine order in the league of the 20.000 planets. Someday that will happen, but not today. Cause' today is my day of death. The day our story begins".

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regional titles

De steen
The Rock
Le rocher
Der Fels
An cloch
La roccia
La roca