One of Our Dogs Is Missing
Episode 13 of 29 within Season One. Item 13 of 85 overall.
Production number 8513.
William Welch - Writer
Sutton Roley - Director
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The women of Lost in Space are featured in their very own episode while the boys are out installing communications equipment. Smith is left in charge (boy is that a mistake) and he "cleans" their weapons, but cannot remember how to rebuild the weapons.

Meanwhile, this leaves the J2 crew defenseless. A creepy creature stalks the Robinson women however they think a small dog is to blame for raids on food and other mischief.

original airdate--December 08,1965

network: CBS

music: Theme music composed by John Williams


Trivia--The title card shows that the Jupiter 2 has settled in the ground a few feet as compared to the first shows of the season.

  • Why isn’t there some kind of technical manual on the Jupiter 2 that shows how to put the laser guns back together? If not, couldn’t they have asked the computer?
  • What the heck happened to the dog? Everyone loves him, but after this episode we never see him or hear a single word about him ever again!
  • Dr. Smith's personality undergoes a slight transformation from master villian to effete scoundrel as he initially believes the dog is actually a highly intelligent and threatening form of alien life disguised as a dog.


The space family Robinson is sent on a five-year mission to find a new planet to colonize, but the voyage is sabotaged time and again by an inept stowaway, Dr. Zachary Smith. The family's spaceship, Jupiter II, also carries a friendly robot who endures an endless stream of abuse from Dr. Smith, but is a trusted companion of young Will Robinson.

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regional titles

Een van onze honden ontbreekt
One of Our Dogs Is Missing
Un de nos chiens Is Missing
Eines unserer Hunde fehlt
Ceann de na Ár Madraí An bhfuil Iarraidh
Manca uno dei nostri cani
Uno de nuestros perros es falta