Episode 9 of 24 within Season One. Item 9 of 151 overall.
Production number 108.
David Fury - Writer
Greg Yaitanes - Director
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Sayid's life is placed in grave danger after he stumbles upon the source of the mysterious French transmission, the woman Danielle Rousseau who was on the distress call is found alive.

Meanwhile, Hurley has a ridiculous plan to make life on the island a little more civilized - and it just might work that involves a golf course after he finds golf clubs from the debris. Lastly, we flashback to Sayid's childhood friend Nadia as well as his participation in hostage situations in Iraq.

original airdate--November 17,2004    rating--17.64 million


music--Theme song "Lost" composed by J.J. Abrams

Flashback: Sayid Jarrah

Goofs: When the men first arrive on the the newly-constructed golf course, a line of fence post is clearly visible in the background.

  • When Sayid is walking with his Commanding Officer, there are two tanks visible to the right of the building. They are supposed to be Iraqi tanks, but these are actually very rare World War II German Tank-Destroyers, specifically the Ferdinand/Elephant. These tanks were never used in any army after World War II.
  • When Jack is golfing for the second time (when the other survivors are watching him), his microphone cord is visible on his right side as his shirt lifts during his swing.
  • In the first minute of the episode when Sayid finds the wire on the beach, his left pant leg is not torn. When he follows the wire into the jungle, just before he trips Danielle's trap, the left leg of his pants is already torn, in exactly the place where the branch will stab him.

Trivia: Danielle tells Sayid that her vessel was 3 days out of Tahiti when a storm broke and they crashed. This would place the island somewhere due east of Australia.


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