Hearts And Minds
Episode 13 of 24 within Season One. Item 13 of 151 overall.
Production number 112.
Carlton Cuse - Writer
Javier Grillo-Marxuach - Writer
Rod Holcomb - Director
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When Locke learns that Boone wants to tell their "secret" to Shannon, Locke decides to teach him a lesson, which leads to Shannon's life being "supposedly" placed in sudden peril. Also, Boone and Shannon's dark dark past is revealed in a shocking backstory that recalls his life with Shannon right before the plane crash and presages the return of the beast.

Meanwhile, Kate who has become a confidante to Sun in the forest is puzzled by a soft-spoken Sun's mysterious behavior and revelation that she can speak English, and a hungry Hurley must repay a debt to Jin.

original airdate--January 12,2005         rating--20.81 million

song--"Main Title" (Composed by J.J. Abrams)

  1. "Run Away! Run Away!" by Michael Giacchino
  2. "Proper Motivation" by Michael Giacchino
Flashback: Boone, Shannon, and Sawyer 
  1. to a posh tennis club.
  2. to a house in Australia.
  3. to Boone at an Australian police station.
  4. to the same house in Australia.
  5. to Boone's hotel room in Sydney.


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regional titles

Hearts and Minds
Hearts And Minds
Cœurs et les esprits
Hearts and Minds
Gcroí agus aigne
Ragione e sentimento
Hearts and Minds