Exodus (I)
Episode 23 of 24 within Season One. Item 24 of 151 overall.
Production number 122.
Carlton Cuse - Writer
Damon Lindelof - Writer
Jack Bender - Director
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The French woman -- Danielle Rousseau -- shocks the survivors by showing up to the camp with a dire warning about "the others" who are on the island, and the black smoke that precedes them.

Meanwhile, Michael and Jin ready the raft for sailing. Danielle takes Jack, Locke, Kate, Hurley, and Arzt on a trek to the Black Rock.

However, once they reach the "Dark Territory," Arzt (who had previously gone back to camp) comes running with the real Beast hot on his heels. Fortunately, Locke's calm demeanor seems to ease the "security system," as Danielle calls it, and it heads in the other direction.

However, they eventually reach the Black Rock, which turns out to be a wooden ship. Black smoke is an ominous sign as the raft sets sail after an accidental delay. Jin and Sun make up, and Walt decides to give the dog Vincent to Shannon since there is no room on the boat. Black smoke continues to rise.

original airdate--May 18, 2005          rating--18.62 million


songs--"Main Title" (Composed by J.J. Abrams)

  1. "I've Got a Plane to Catch" by Michael Giacchino
  2. "Monsters Are Such Innnteresting People" by Michael Giacchino


Flashback: Walt Lloyd, Jack Shephard, James "Sawyer" Ford, Kate Austen, Shannon Rutherford and Sun Kwon.

Goofs: When the raft leaves the island, you can see the shackle and wire used to tow it.

  • As the raft sets sail with Walt, when Vincent runs into the water chasing it, Walt shouts, "Stay Vincent!" At the start of the next shot, on the right, the crew's vessel/equipment is quite visible.
  • When Sun and Jin sit at the table at the airport, both cups' lids are on properly, yet for the "spill shot" one lid is askew, and Sun's hand changes between shots to be in perfect position to knock the cup over. Things on the table instantly change positions, such as the clear plastic croissant container that jumps back onto the red tray. This applies to Exodus 2, as well.
  • In the hotel room, while Walt watches TV and when Michael runs after him, the pillows, things on the table, etc., move around between shots.
  • When Walt notices the pillar of black smoke, in the overhead shot everyone gathers well behind the raft, including Claire, who was just sitting in front of the bushes in the previous shot. However, in the next shot, all the survivors are now gathered at the side of the raft.

Trivia: During filming of the first season finale, each cast member was only given the script pages of scenes where they appeared.

  • In this episode it is said that Leslie's (Daniel Roebuck)last name is Arzt. Arzt is the German word for physician or doctor. In the previous episode he mentions that his character in fact has a doctor title (he is a science teacher).
  • In the flashback to Jack#s first meeting with Anna-Lucia at the airport they tell each other their seat numbers: Jack's is 23 and Anna-Lucia's is 42. Both numbers are in the set used in the hatch and that Hurley used to win the lottery.
  • Only one third of The Black Rock was built. The rest was CGI.


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Exodus (I)
Exodus (I)
Exode (I)
Exodus (I)
Eaxodus (I)
Esodo - parte prima
Exodus (I)