Exodus (II) (season finale)
Episode 24 of 24 within Season One. Item 25 of 151 overall.
Production number 123.
Carlton Cuse - Writer
Damon Lindelof - Writer
Jack Bender - Director
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The castaways who make it onto the raft are surprised at sea by something that unexpectedly happens -- they make their first contact with "others" out at sea, but meet disastrous results.

Meanwhile, remaining islanders attempt to blow open the hatch that's in the forest, but this proves to be more difficult than expected. Another survivor on the island dies. Visiting French woman Danielle Rousseau becomes a threat to Claire's infant son as she decides to kidnap him and bring him into the woods for "the others" to have in order to save the rest. Lastly, flashbacks show us all the survivors in the moments before the doomed flight took off.

original airdate--May 25, 2005           rating--20.71 million


songs--"Main Title" (Composed by J.J. Abrams)

  1. "Parting Words" by Michael Giacchino
  2. "Oceanic 815"by Michael Giacchino


Flashback--Jin-Soo Kwon, Charlie Pace, Michael Dawson, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes and John Locke

Goofs: After Sawyer is rescued and pulled onto the raft, scenery or a crew boat is visible in the top right hand corner as Michael stands up.

  • When Jack hangs onto Locke, after Kate throws the dynamite into the hole, in Locke's next close-up, the wound on his forehead (grazed from Shannon's bullet) is on his right, whereas it's normally on his left. The shot is flipped.
  • Hurley arrives at the departure gate and calls to the woman to wait and let him board. As he goes through the gate, a sign with the word 'authorized' is visible to the left. This scene supposedly takes place in an Australian airport, but this is the American spelling - in Australia, the word is spelled 'authorised'.
  • When Shannon carries and drags the luggage (some of Boone's) she breaks down and Sayid speaks to her. When he says, "It won't be too much if I carry it for you," he strokes her cheek with his left hand - note the watch. After he says, "I have a hike to lead," in the next wideshot he's still holding her face with his "left" hand. But, note the lack of watch, and her large suitcase is now backwards. They flipped the shot so his right hand would appear to be his left, to keep hand continuity, but it doesn't work.
  • In the flashback that reveals the phone call Michael makes to his mother about Walt, Walt is seen playing a Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP before the phone call. After the phone call, when Walt stands behind Michael, Walt tells Michael that he needs new batteries. However, The Gameboy Advance SP works with a rechargeable battery which cannot be replaced with common batteries.

Trivia: As Hurley's car is dying the speedometer reads 42kph - 8kph - 4kph, further proving that when the fateful numbers are around, bad luck is inevitable.

  • Hurley boarded through gate 23 - one of the numbers he used to win the lottery.
  • The last 2 minutes of this episode contain no spoken dialog whatsoever.
  • This episode contains our first glimpse of the smoke monster.


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regional titles

Exodus (II)
Exodus (II) (season finale)
Exode (II)
Exodus (II)
Eaxodus (II)
Esodo - parte seconda
Exodus (II)