Man Of Science, Man Of Faith
Episode 1 of 24 within Season Two. Item 29 of 151 overall.
Production number 201.
Damon Lindelof - Writer
Jack Bender - Director
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One of the castaways is chosen to descend into the mysterious hatch, and Shannon stumbles upon a shockingly familiar face in the jungle. But, as they have discovered during their days on the island, danger and mystery loom behind every corner...even heroes have secrets.

original airdate--September 21, 2005    rating--23.47 million


songs--"Main Title" (Composed by J.J. Abrams)

  1. "Make Your Own Kind of Music" by Mama Cass Elliot
  2. "Peace Through Superior Firepower" by Michael Giacchino


Flashback--Jack Shephard

  1. Jack encounters his future wife, Sarah

Trivia--As part of a recurring theme, "815" is heard as the time of death for Adam Rutherford, 8:15am.

  • Desmond is seen taking a Beretta and a Kalashnikov from the armory. When he aims at Locke in the end of the episode, he holds a completely different pistol and the Kalashnikov is gone.
  • At the start we see Desmond in the hatch. When the explosion goes off he gears up and runs over to a machine where he turns the music off. The shot of the shelf is a flipped shot.
  • At the start of the episode, Desmond puts spaces between each number he inputs into the computer. When Locke enters the numbers later in the episode he does not put spaces and the computer automatically puts them in.
  • Sawyer pulls the bullet out with his bare hands, we are led to believe, through the cut the bullet made. When you are shot, the flesh immediately seals up, meaning you would need a knife or something like that to get it out. Sawyer only had the gun, as he could not have hidden the knife AND the gun.

Trivia: During the first flashback scene, the man brought into the ER with Sarah is Mr. Rutherford. Careful observers will realize that this is in actuality Shannon's father. Also, Mr. Rutherford's time of death is announced in the background of the scene as "8:15." Oceanic 815 was the flight number of the plane that crashed on the island and both 8 and 15 are in the sequence of Hurley's numbers.

  • When we're seeing Jack first enter the Swan Hatch dome, and Desmond is blaring music on the PA system, very faintly in the background you can hear Kate yelling above the sound. In the next episode we see that she was in the air duct at the top of the dome, calling Jack's name.
  • The world premiere of season two took place at Waikiki beach on the island of Oahu one week before ABC aired the episode. The first episode was projected on a screen 30 feet tall and the cast walked a red carpet to greet fans before the episode played. The producers requested that the viewers not disclose the events of the episode before it aired.



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regional titles

Man Of Science, Man Of Faith
Man Of Science, Man Of Faith
Homme de science, homme de foi
Man Of Science, Man Of Faith
Man As Eolaíochta, Man As Faith
Uomo di scienza, uomo di fede
Hombre de ciencia, hombre de fe