Everybody Hates Hugo
Episode 4 of 24 within Season Two. Item 32 of 151 overall.
Production number 204.
Adam Horowitz - Writer
Edward Kitsis - Writer
Alan Taylor - Director
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Disturbing memories from Hurley's past cause him to struggle with a task he's assigned inside the hatch.

Meanwhile Sawyer, Michael and Jin discover the identities of their captors, and Claire uncovers a shocking piece of information about the fate of the raft.

original airdate--October 5, 2005      rating--21.66 million


songs--"Main Title" (Composed by J.J. Abrams)

  1. "Up On the Roof" by The Drifters
  2. "My Conversation" by Slim Smith & The Uniques
  3. "Easy Money" by Billy Joel
  4. "My Conversation" by The Uniques
  5. "World's Worst Landscaping" by Michael Giacchino
  6. "Mess It All Up" by Michael Giacchino
  7. "Hurley's Handouts" by Michael Giacchino


Flashback--Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

Goofs: Hurley's lottery ticket changes from when it is first shown to when it is shown later.

  • When Sun is burying the bottle of messages in the sand she digs a hole, picks up the bottle and has no wedding ring on her hand. After a cut to her face we see a close shot of the bottle in her hands again, and the ring is visible. She puts the bottle in the sand and buries it and her ring is once again missing.

Trivia: When Hugo drinks the milk, the picture of the missing child on the milk box is a picture of Walt.

  • Tito, Hugo Reyes' grandpa, is a cameo appearance by the special effects supervisor, Archie Ahuna.
  • Randy Nations, Hugo's boss is also seen as John Locke's boss in "Lost" (2004) Walkabout (#1.4).
  • When Hurley is dreaming about an eating binge in the numbers bunker and gets interrupted by Jin and the guy in a chicken suit, the carton of milk Hurley is drinking from has a picture of missing boy on it. The boy is Walt, Michael Dawson's son.


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regional titles

Everybody Hates Hugo
Everybody Hates Hugo
Everybody Hates Hugo
Everybody Hates Hugo
Gach duine Hates Hugo
Tutti odiano Hugo
Everybody Hates Hugo