Premiere (I)
Episode 1 of 20 within Season One. Item 1 of 20 overall.
Production number 100A.
Manny Coto - Writer
David Carson - Director
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As Commander of the 26th flight of the Space Shuttle Odyssey, Chuck Taggart and his crew watch from space as Earth mysteriously explodes, leaving them as the only global citizens alive in the year 2007. With their air supply running out, the crew prepares to join the seven billion people of EarthÖ in death.

But at the last moment, the crew is rescued by an enigmatic being calling himself The Seeker. The Seeker uses his powers to send the crew five years into the past, giving them five years to live over again, five years to learn who or what destroyed the earth, five years to stop it from happening again.

original airdate--June 21,2002



Goof : When the crew are attempting to rescue Angela from her spacewalk, the flight director says he's going to order the shuttle Discovery to intercept her. However, the displays at NASA all indicate that the shuttle is the Odyssey.


Opening Narration:

We saw the Earth destroyed and in a heartbeat everything and everyone we knew was gone. There were five of us, the crew of the space shuttle Odyssey, and we were the only survivors. A mysterious being who called himself "The Seeker" rescued us and sent us back in time. And now we have five years to live over, five years to discover who or what destroyed the Earth, five years to stop it from happening again.

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Première (I)
Premiere (I)
Première (I)
Der Anfang vom Ende (1)
Taibhiú (I)
Premiere (I)
Premier (I)