Trouble With Harry
Episode 13 of 20 within Season One. Item 13 of 20 overall.
Production number 111.
Alan Brennert - Writer
Stephen Williams - Director
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The O-5 team is approached by Harry Mudd - a Sentient in a Synthetic body. He warns them of the imminent destruction of the world by an insane Sentient and reminds them about what's important in life.

original airdate--September 06,2002



Quote: "We are all alike, on the inside." -- Mark Twain





Opening Narration:

We saw the Earth destroyed and in a heartbeat everything and everyone we knew was gone. There were five of us, the crew of the space shuttle Odyssey, and we were the only survivors. A mysterious being who called himself "The Seeker" rescued us and sent us back in time. And now we have five years to live over, five years to discover who or what destroyed the Earth, five years to stop it from happening again.

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regional titles

Trouble With Harry
Trouble With Harry
Trouble With Harry
Immer ─rger mit Harry
Trioblˇid Le Harry
DifficoltÓ con Harry
Problema con Harry