An Owl in a Thornbush
Episode 3 of 12 within Season One. Item 3 of 23 overall.
Production number 103.
Bruno Heller - Writer
Michael Apted - Director
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Caesar's rapid advance on Rome prompts Pompey to order a tactical retreat, which compels citizens to choose sides; Atia sends Timon to do her dirty work; Vorenus is puzzled by the lack of resistance on a scouting mission.

original airdate--September 11,2005  rating: 2.58 million

network: HBO

music--theme music composed by Jeff Beal

  1. "Gladiator Quartors" (terrible news) by Jeff Beal



Time frame--Jan. 10 – Feb. 30, 49 BC

Setting--Rome and Italia

Trivia--The Latin writings on Atia's door read "Atia loves everyone", "Atia sucks (unreadable name)" and "Atia the lustful".

  • The storyline of the stolen gold was Bruno Heller's attempt to answer a question which has puzzled historians for centuries, which was why the gold wasn't removed when Pompey abandoned Rome.
  • The Roman soldiers in the camp that Pullo and his cavalry attack consist mostly of young adolescents, which is unsurprising. Ancient Roman law stipulated that a young man was an adult at 14, but many boys lied about their age and joined while they were much younger.
  • Niobe's fear of Vorenus is justified. Under Ancient Roman law, if a husband found out that his wife was unfaithful, he could legally kill her and her children.

Goof--Octavia is asked for some poetry, and quotes the lines starting "Easy it is to descend into hell ...", a famous passage from Vergil's Aeneid. At this point Julius Caesar is still alive (therefore 44 BC at the latest). In fact the Aeneid was written at the end of Vergil's life, 30 to 19 BC, when Augustus (Octavian) was emperor.


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regional titles

Een Uil in een Thornbush
An Owl in a Thornbush
Un hibou dans un et
Eine Owl in a Thornbush
An Owl i Thornbush
Un gufo in un Thornbush
Un bho en un Thornbush