Heroes of the Republic
Episode 5 of 10 within Season Two. Item 17 of 23 overall.
Production number 205.
Mere Smith - Writer
Alik Sakharov - Director
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Against Pullo's advice, Vorenus returns to the Collegium with his rescued daughters and Lucius, who are soon reunited with Lyde and undergo a cleansing ritual for past sins. Denied a triumph in Rome, Octavian urges Cicero to embrace his request to be made Consul; in exchange, Octavian promises not to make a move without consulting Cicero first.

Octavian is reunited with Atia and Octavia; while the former begs for forgiveness, the latter doesn't like what her brother has become. Octavian's first act as Consul takes Cicero and the Senate by surprise. Vorenus attempts to make peace with Memmio and Cotta, who wonder if he's gone soft. To gain advantage over Brutus and Cassius's army, two adversaries patch up their differences.

original airdate--February 11,2007

network: HBO

music--theme music composed by Jeff Beal



Time frame--c. 43 BC


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regional titles

Helden van de Republiek
Heroes of the Republic
Héros de la République
Heroes of the Republic
Laochra na Poblachta
Eroi della Repubblica
Héroes de la República