Behind the Music
Episode 8 of 18 within Season Three. Item 51 of 61 overall.
Production number 3ADA08.
Russel Friend - Writer
Garrett Lerner - Writer
Jonathan Frakes - Director
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When an old love visits Maria her passion for music resurfaces, which jeopardizes her relationship with Michael.

Meanwhile, while Max's father is still trying to put together all the pieces of his investigation, Isabel joins Max in the quest to stop him.

original airdate--November 27,2001     rating--2.1 million 


songs--Theme song "Here with Me" by Dido 

  1. "Love Is The Key" by Charlatans UK
  2. "Lies To Me" by 54-40
  3. "Apple Bed" by Sparklehorse
  4. "Only When You Go" by Majandra Delfino
  5. "Hell And Bliss" by Majandra Delfino
  6. "Breathing On My Own" by Majandra Delfino
  7. "Last Laugh" by Mark Knopfler ft. Van Morrison


Goof: The shadows of one or more crew members are visible on the brick wall behind Liz and Maria when they are talking about Maria and Billy's kiss.

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regional titles

Achter de Muziek
Behind the Music
Derrière la musique
Hinter der Musik
Taobh thiar Ceol
Dietro la musica
Detrás de la Música