The Great Money Caper
Episode 7 of 21 within Season Twelve. Item 304 of 657 overall.
Production number CABF03.
Carolyn Omine - Writer
Michael Polcino - Director
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Bart becomes obsessed with magic after the family attends dinner at a magic theme restaurant. On the way home from the restaurant, a sturgeon falls from the sky onto the hood of the car, crushing it like a can. When Homer gets the bill, he takes Bart on the road with his magic act in a desperate attempt to raise some cash. While the act proves a failure, Bart manages to score some big money after Homer abandons him. Knowing a good thing when they see it, Bart and Homer begin conning Springfield's citizens out of their money using a series of confidence scams. 

However, when Grandpa Simpson joins them on the biggest heist of their short career, they run into trouble.

original airdate--December 10,2000             rating--16.8 million

music--"The Simpsons Theme" by composed by Danny Elfman  

  1. "Pipeline" by The Chantays

Couch Gag:The family deep sea dive to the couch. The camera zooms out and we see that the living room is in a fish bowl.

Blackboard Text: "The nurse is not dealing"

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regional titles

The Great Money Caper
Les escrocs
Das große Geldabzocken
Truffa oggi, truffa domani