Treehouse of Horror XIII
Episode 1 of 22 within Season Fourteen. Item 341 of 657 overall.
Production number DABF19.
Kevin Curran - Writer
Brian Kelley - Writer
Marc Wilmore - Writer
David Silverman - Director
40 votes

"Send in the Clones" - in a takeoff on the movie Multiplicity, Homer's hammock starts making clones of of which kills Flanders."The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms" - ten years after

"Dial Z for Zombies", the zombies rise again, this time armed cowboy zombies ready to take over an unarmed Springfield (thanks to Lisa's cash-for-guns program).

"The Island of Dr. Hibbert" - any similarities to The Island of Dr. Moreau, where humans (like, say, the Simpsons) are crossed with animals, are coincidental - yeah, that's it, coincidental.Maggie Roswell returns as the ghost of Maude Flanders in the show's opening.

original airdate--November 03,2002   rating--16.7 million

network: Fox

music--"The Simpsons Theme" by composed by Danny Elfman  

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regional titles

Treehouse of Horror XIII
Simpson's Horror Show XIII
Schickt die Klone rein
La paura fa novanta XIII