Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome
Episode 10 of 13 within Season Two. Item 20 of 89 overall.
Production number K0812.
Nan Hagan - Writer
Adam Nimoy - Director
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Rembrandt is in a psychiatrist's office, explaining how after 18 long months of sliding they finally made it home to a hero's welcome. His musical career is resurrected overnight, Wade is fending off multiple media offers, and Quinn and Arturo plan to solve sliding once and for all. Only Arturo jumps the gun and claims sliding as solely his own invention. The remaining three meet to discuss the situation and Quinn makes a startling discovery — a Super Bowl outcome is wrong. Rembrandt and Wade don't believe him, increasingly thinking Quinn has gone crazy as he digs for more discrepancies while Arturo is hogging all the glory.

They're finally convinced of the truth when the Golden Gate Bridge is undeniably the wrong color, and they confront an Arturo who claims to have known all along. Infuriated, they rob his house to reclaim the timer and discover Arturo chained up in the basement. It's not him who betrayed them, but his double. The other Arturo arrives and claims to be the real one as well, leading to a climactic Arturo vs. Arturo brawl on Quinn's front lawn in front of the vortex. Only one makes the slide, but which one?

original airdate--May 03,1996     rating--4.9 million


music: theme song for sliders by Anthony Marinelli


Worlds Visited: Earth Double Prime: Dimensional Coordinates: 323.935.914.149; Divergence Date: January 5, 1933.

  • Shrink World: Dimensional Coordinates: 408.224.014.400; Divergence Date: 1903.

Timer Status--Stolen by Arturo's double. Arturoisms "Hope for everything ... expect nothing." "Of course I'm the right one, you blistering idiot." — Arturo, to Rembrandt.

Goof--When Wade enters the recording studio to see Rembrandt, we can see him reflected in the window removing his headphones and handing them to an assistant. The camera angle changes and he removes the headphones (again) & puts them down on a stool.

  • Since Quinn's double built a sliding system in his basement, our sliders could have used it to reset the timer and go home, just like they intended to do in the episode "Eggheads."

Arturoisms:Hope for everything … expect nothing.”; “Of course I’m the right one, you blistering idiot.” — Arturo, to Rembrandt.

Trivia: Tracy Tormé finally revealed in 2009 that it was the wrong Arturo. It still leaves open the question of why did the wrong one still ended up sacrificing himself for Quinn in "The Exodus, Part 2."


"What if you could travel to parallel worlds? The same year, the same Earth, only different dimensions? A world where the Russians ruled America? Or where your dreams of being a superstar came true? Or where San Francisco was a maximum security prison? My friends and I found the gateway. Now, the problem is: finding a way back home."

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alternative title

Also known as - Our So Called Lives

regional titles

Post Traumatische Schuif Syndroom
Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome
Un monde de renommé
Endlich zuhause?
Iar-Siondróm Sleamhnán Trámach
Sindrome da viaggi dimensionali
Síndrome post-traumático de deslizamiento