The Tooth Fairy's TATS 2000
Episode 1 of 17 within Season Four. Item 50 of 289 overall.
Production number 402.
Trey Parker - Writer
Nancy Pimental - Writer
Matt Stone - Writer
Trey Parker - Director
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The tooth fairy has visited Cartman, leaving him two dollars. He rushes to the bus stop to share his news with the others. He then unveils his latest plan. If all they all combined their lost teeth, the tooth fairy will provide them with enough cash to purchase a Sega Dreamcast.

They soon find out that they are treading on someone else’s territory. Now they have to work with the mobsters to keep their manhood.

original airdate--April 5,2000

network: Comedy Central

music--theme music performed by the band Primus

  1. "I Can't Wait Until I Grow Up" by Jerome "Chef" McElroy
  2. "Welcome to This World" by PRIMUS
  3. "Make Love to You, Amanda" by Chef


Who Killed Kenny: Drowned.

Body Count: Kenny, plus a few random dentists picked off during Kyle's brief transformation into a pan-dimensional deity. Kenny bought it when his feet were encased in cement and he was thrown off a bridge into a river. The water where he landed was only a few inches deep, but when he tried to hop to the shore he stumbled into a much-deeper sinkhole and drowned.

Goof: When Billy sees Cartman with the $600, his blanket turns yellow.

Trivia: Kenny wears the same suit Marc Shaiman wore to the 2000 Oscars, minus the outer fur coat.

Factoid: Though he never mentions the title of the book, it's obvious that Kyle is reading Meditations on First Philosophy by Rene Descartes. He paraphrases Descartes' famous statement, "I think, therefore I am," by saying, "This book says I don't exist unless I think I do."


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regional titles

The Tooth Fairy's TATS 2000
La Petite Fée des dents
Zahnfee-Mafia & Co.
Il Racket Dei Dentini
La Pipa de la Hada de los dientes 2000