Timmy! 2000
Episode 3 of 17 within Season Four. Item 52 of 289 overall.
Production number 404.
Trey Parker - Writer
Trey Parker - Director
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There's something wrong with new student Timmy. About the only thing Timmy can do is say his name. Ignorant of the fact that Timmy is "retarded" they believe he has ADD, which relieves him of the responsibility to do any homework.

Soon the rest of the class manages to get diagnosed with ADD, and all get prescribed Ritalin. Everyone is on Ritalin and just complacent enough to sit through a Phil Collins show.

original airdate--April 19,2000

network: Comedy Central

music--theme music performed by the band Primus

  1. "Bu Bu Budio" by Phil Collins
  2. "Spilled Blood on the Footsteps of My Mind (Revisited)" by Sisters of Mercy Hold No Pain Against the Dark Lord
  3. "Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld (song)" by The Lords of The Underworld


Who Killed Kenny: Cartman hits him in the face with a frying pan.

Body Count: Kenny. Cartman spots a "pink Christina Aguilera monster" (an hallucinatory side effect of the Ritalin he's taking) on Kenny's face and hits him with a frying pan.

Goof: When Chef is in the pharmacy, the door in the background is open in one shot, magically closed in the next, and then open again!

Trivia: "Bu-bu-budio" is a spoof of Phil Collins's 1985 hit song "Sussudio."

Where Did The Idea Come From: The show is a blast against the overmedication of kids. Isaac Hayes was waaay into this episode because he was a Scientologist, and Scientologists have a big problem with the psychiatric profession's use of mood-altering pharmaceuticals. It was also a chance to showcase Timmy, whom Matt and Trey became infatuated with after his debut in "The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000". The network hated the idea of having a handicapped kid in the show -- until Timmy became one of the most popular characters ever.


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regional titles

Timmy! 2000
Alle Macht den Drogen
Tutti I