Cartman Joins NAMBLA
Episode 5 of 17 within Season Four. Item 54 of 289 overall.
Production number 406.
Trey Parker - Writer
Eric Stough - Director
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Cartman decides to seek the friendship of older men. Using the Internet, he makes a connection with men who love to hang out with little boys.

An organization called NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) holds a meeting in South Park and Cartman becomes their poster child. The boys learn how much an adult can really love a child.

original airdate--June 21,2000

network: Comedy Central

music--theme music performed by the band Primus

  1. "Page d'écriture" by Yves Montand


Who Killed Kenny: Run over by an ambulance.

Where Did The Idea Come From: The concept was born during a horrific writer's retreat on a bargain-basement cruise to Ensenada, Mexico. The trip, the food, the drinks, and Ensenada all sucked, but at least they got this episode idea out of it.

Goof: The name of the board game the boys play switches back and forth between "Bill Curtis" and "Bill Kurtis."

Trivia: The music in the hallway scene is from a poem written by Jacques Prevert, "Page d'ecriture" or "Writing Sheet."

Factoid: After Kenny is killed and a baby Kenny is born, his Dad says "God, this must be the fiftieth time this has happened." Kenny's Mom corrects him, "Fifty-second". It was indeed the 52nd time Kenny had been killed.



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regional titles

Cartman Joins NAMBLA
Cartman s'inscrit ą la Nambla
Kennys Karma 52
Gił Le Zampe Dai Bambini
Cartman entra en la Nambla