Helen Keller! The Musical
Episode 13 of 17 within Season Four. Item 62 of 289 overall.
Production number 414.
Trey Parker - Writer
Trey Parker - Director
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The boys are doing their version of the Helen Keller Story and plan to beat the kindergartners show. Timmy stars as Helen Keller and gets a new friend to play with! Fireworks, fountains, and outstanding musicals galore!

original airdate--November 22,2000

network: Comedy Central

music--theme music performed by the band Primus

  1. "The Miracle Worker" The fourth grade class


Who Killed Kenny: Crushed by falling stage light.

Body Count: Kenny, crushed by a stage light meant for Gobbles. A whole truckload of turkeys at Uncle Joe's Turkey Farm, as well as the ringer turkey, Alinicia, who is gunned down by Jimbo and his hunting buddies.

Where Did The Idea Come From: Matt and Trey decided that even though Timmy can't talk, they still wanted to make him the center of a big, emotional story.

Factoid: Timmy selecting a handicapped turkey is an homage to Charlie Brown's selection of an unattractive Christmas tree in A Charlie Brown Christmas. The same scene was also parodied in the Halloween special "Spookyfish". Only that time it concerned a puny-looking gourd that Kenny picked for a pumpkin-carving contest.

Goof: When Gobbles goes to jump through the ring of fire, no waterworks are seen. But as he steps through it, a water fountain is seen in the background.


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regional titles

Helen Keller! The Musical
Helen Keller: Das Musical
Helen Keller! Il Musical
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