Fat Camp
Episode 15 of 17 within Season Four. Item 64 of 289 overall.
Production number 415.
Trey Parker - Writer
Trey Parker - Director
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Mrs. Cartman holds an intervention for her son's eating problem and is sending him to fat camp. Cartman returns from camp, 40 lbs. lighter.

Cartman is selling candy to the fat kids. Kenny is challenged by the other children to do crazy things for money. Kenny's popularity rises and he soon gets his own TV show. An event happens where Kenny gets inside Ms. Crabtree’s uterus for six hours.

original airdate--December 06,2000

network: Comedy Central

music--theme music performed by the band Primus

  1. "The Prostitute Song" by James Taylor and Jerome "Chef" McElroy


Who Killed Kenny: Kenny lookalike dies instead.

Body Count: Cartman's skinny double (dressed as Kenny) gets crushed by Ms. Crabtree's uterus. So does another unnamed child, who slides out at the last minute. Also, an endangered manatee is bludgeoned to death by Ms. Choksondik, so it can be dissected and properly understood.

Where Did The Idea Come From: The story about Kenny doing disgusting stunts was inspired by the popularity of programs such as Jackass and The Tom Green Show. It was also written around the same time many South Park staff members were accepting money from other South Park staff members to do disgusting things.

Factoid: Cartman mentions, "When I was in prison, we used to sneak stuff in by hiding it up our ass." This colon-smuggling happened in "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime", where he snuck in a variety of goods, including Disneyland. There's a scene featuring college students at the University of Colorado in this episode. Both Stone and Parker went to college there.


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regional titles

Fat Camp
Camp de régime
Die Krazy-Kenny Show
Ciccia Che Ti Riciccia
Campamento Para Gordos