Die Hippie, Die
Episode 2 of 14 within Season Nine. Item 128 of 276 overall.
Production number 902.
Trey Parker - Writer
Trey Parker - Director
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Cartman finally decides to rid the world of hippies once and for all. He goes around town trying to exterminate them, but when the Mayor allows the hippies to hold a Woodstock-like concert in South Park, Cartman's plan becomes a lot more difficult then he originally thought.

original airdate--March 16,2005

music--theme music performed by the band Primus

  1. "Raining Blood" by Slayer
  2. "Signs" by Stan Marsh
  3. "This World O' Mine" by Wild Willie Westwood




Goofs: When the mayor realises what she has done, a load of Hippies just appear randomly.

  • Stan tries to sell a magazine subscription to the Hippies. His clipboard disappears instantly.
  • When Randy is looking for Stan at the festival, there are two people in hats in front of him. Camera changes and the one hat has disappeared.
  • The cake that the town offers to Cartman disappears instantly.
  • When Cartman is in jail, and the group of adults comes with the cake, the cake has two stories to it. Later the cake is shown with only one layer.
  • All the Hippies have spent a week smoking weed. Yet Stan, Kyle and Kenny, who have been with them, are not affected by the passive smoke.
  • At the beginning when Cartman is showing the old women the hippies in the attic, there is a pair of boots and some other things behind them. It does two shots that show the things behind them, then in the last shot before they leave the attic, all the things are gone.
  • Cartman intends to drive the hippies away by playing 'Raining Blood' by Slayer, reasoning that hippies can't stand Death Metal. Actually, Slayer play Thrash Metal.
  • When Stan comes back from the stage to his friends, Kyle's saying something but no sound is heard.
  • The cake that the town brings to offer Cartman changes from a large three tier cake with a #1 on top and Eric written on the side of it, to a much smaller two layer cake with four candles on top.


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regional titles

Die Hippie, Die
Crève Hippie, crève!
Muori Hippie, Muori
Morir Hippie, Morir