Poisoning the Well
Episode 7 of 20 within Season One. Item 7 of 104 overall.
Production number 107.
Martin Gero - Writer
David Winning - Director
166 votes

The Atlantis team encounters the Hoffans, a human civilization in the process of rebuilding their society since the last attack of the Wraith. The resilient Hoffans have developed the beginnings of a drug that could potentially make them immune to their enemies.

Fearing that the next Wraith culling will come before they are able to complete their tests, the leaders demand that their people be inoculated before the drug can be proven safe. Dr. Beckett argues that there is no way to know what the true effects of the drug will be. Can Beckett make the Hoffans see reason, or has their haste made them blind to the epidemic they may be unleashing upon themselves?

original airdate--August 20,2004        rating--1.8 million

music--Theme music composer by Joel Goldsmith

Planet(s)--Hoff, Lantea                       

Race(s)--Hoffan, Wraith                          



Goof:Teyla's audio sounds way more high pitched then normal, either dubbed or a post production mistake. 


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  Stargate Atlantis, Season One

regional titles

Vergiftiging de Well
Poisoning the Well
Empoisonner le puits
T÷dliche Verteidigung
Nimhi˙ an Well
Avvelenamento del pozzo
Envenenar el pozo