Lost Boys (I)
Episode 10 of 20 within Season Two. Item 30 of 104 overall.
Production number 210.
Martin Gero - Writer
Brad Turner - Director
90 votes

Ford, who has survived being beamed aboard a Wraith ship, captures Col. Sheppard and his team. Ford has a daring plan to attack and destroy a Wraith Hive ship, and needs Col. Sheppard and McKay’s knowledge and expertise to pull off the plan.

Meanwhile, Ford now has a following of converts who are also taking the Wraith enzymes, making them super soldiers too. What the Atlantis team doesn’t realize is, Ford has a plan that will require them to help him, or one of them will die. Things then go horribly wrong, leaving the team in a certain death situation. One must wait for part two to see if and how the team can survive Ford and his team and the Wraith!

original airdate-- September 23,2005

network: SciFi Channel

music--Theme music composer by Joel Goldsmith


Goof: When Sheppard throws a flash bang grenade at a Wraith drone while on the hive ship, the actor playing the drone reacts prematurely to the effect.

  • When Sheppard is sitting in the wraith dart waiting for the mission to start, McKay is standing on a ladder that is hooked over the side, when it changes angle to the outside of the dart the ladder is gone and Ford climbs up then it switches back to the inside view again and the ladder is back.



"A group of scientists and military personnel go through the Stargate to the Pegasus Galaxy where they find the lost city of the Ancients, Atlantis, and encounter a powerful new enemy, the Wraith."

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regional titles

Lost Boys (I)
Lost Boys (I)
Garçons perdus (I)
Verlorene Jungs (I)
Buachaillí Caillte (I)
Ragazzi perduti (I)
Muchachos perdidos (I)