The Broca Divide
Episode 5 of 22 within Season One. Item 6 of 223 overall.
Production number 3956.
Jonathan Glassner - Writer
William Gereghty - Director
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SG-1 discover a world divided between a dark and light side, with a population similarly split between the Touched, who are heavy-browed primitives with limited skills and the brutal instincts of animals, and the Untouched, a race similar to the Minoan civilization of Earth.

However, when the team returns to Earth, all but Teal'c and Jackson begin to develop into Untouched, and it's up to them to find a cure to this mysterious disease.

original airdate--August 15,1997                    


music--"Stargate SG-1" theme song by Joel Goldsmith



Goofs--After Jonas takes away Carter's pistol, we see several cuts showing Carter still holding the gun.

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regional titles

De Broca Divide
The Broca Divide
La Th╚orie de Broca
Die Seuche
An Roinn Broca
La luce della civiltř
La Vertiente Broca