The Tok-ra (I)
Episode 11 of 22 within Season Two. Item 34 of 223 overall.
Production number 211.
Jonathan Glassner - Writer
Brad Turner - Director
329 votes

Captain Samantha Carter has a vivid dream, in which she sees through the eyes of Jolinar, the Tok'ra or rebel Gou'ald, who briefly inhabited her body before dying. Although her father Jacob is dying of cancer, Carter knows she must go on the mission with O'Neill and the rest of the SG-1 team to find the Tok'ra on planet P34 353J. Upon their arrival they meet a suspicious and heavily armed group of Tok'ra, but as Carter reveals her knowledge, relations begin to warm up.

The team learns more about the Tok'ra - how they usually only inhabit willing hosts and do not use the Goa'uld sarcophagus - and Carter learns more about the relationship between Martouf and Jolinar, who were partners for nearly 100 years. There is even talk of an alliance, but the trust is fragile and the outcome of the negotiations are uncertain.

original airdate--October 2,1998

network: Showtime

music--"Stargate SG-1" theme song by Joel Goldsmith






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The Tok-ra (I)
La Tok'Rí (I)
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La Tok-ra (I)