Point of No Return
Episode 11 of 22 within Season Four. Item 78 of 223 overall.
Production number 411.
Michael Cassutt - Writer
Joseph Mallozzi - Writer
Paul Mullie - Writer
William Gereghty - Director
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A man called Martin contacts the Stargate Command claiming to be an alien and he tells them he wants to meet with Jack. At first Jack thinks Martin in a nut job, but after a while he starts to think that maybe Martin really is from another planet.

Meanwhile, more of his people wish to silence him.

original airdate--September 8,2000  rating--2.9 million

network:  Showtime

music--Stargate SG-1 theme music by David Arnold


Planet: Martin's homeworld

Races: Martin's race

Trivia: The sci-fi film Jack was so intently watching in the hotel room is The Day the Earth Stood Still.


  • Now that Martin has returned to Earth and has complete knowledge of the Stargate program, it will be a big challenge for the U.S. government to keep him from spreading classified information. He is, after all, devoted to government conspiracies and secrets,and has just had one of them validated.


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regional titles

Point of No Return
Point de non retour
Kein Zurück
Punto sin retorno