Line in the Sand
Episode 12 of 20 within Season Ten. Item 207 of 223 overall.
Production number S10E12.
Alan McCullough - Writer
Peter DeLuise - Director
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After several successful tests using Merlin's device, General Landry sends SG-1 to use the device to protect a village from an aggressive Prior.

But when the displacement field collapses bringing everything back into phase, the team and the village are left dangerously exposed when the Ori attack. Despite being critically injured, Carter is able to escape with Mitchell, though the situation looks bleak for Teal'c and the stranded villagers who face execution at the hands of the Ori.

original airdate--April 20,2007   rating--1.1 million

network: SciFi channel

music: Stargate SG-1 theme music by David Arnold



Trivia: When Colonel Mitchell brings Colonel Carter coffee he tells her they packed decaf on accident. Colonel Carter can be heard saying d`oh, a popular Jack O'Neill catch phrase as his favorite show was The Simpsons.

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  Stargate SG-1, Season Ten

regional titles

De weg niet genomen
Line in the Sand
Linie im Sand
Linie im Sand
Líne sa Gaineamh
Linea nella sabbia
Línea en la arena