One of Our Planets is Missing
Episode 3 of 16 within Season One. Item 3 of 22 overall.
Production number 22007.
Marc Daniels - Writer
Hal Sutherland - Director
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Stardates: 5371.3-- The Enterprise encounters a cloud creature that feeds on the energy of the planets that lie in its path. Spock mind melds with the entity and tells it that it is killing life and he persuades it to return to its place of origin.

original airdate--September 22,1973


Starships: U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701

Trivia: When the cloud creature threatened the populated planet of Mantilles, Kirk ordered that the ship's self destruct system be armed, and he was prepared to blow up the ship to destroy the cloud's "brain." The self detruct system was used in several original series episodes.

  • We learned that Commodore Wesley retired from Starfleet to become the governor of Mantilles, a planet with a population of 82 million. We also learned that he had an eleven-year-old daughter. Commodore Robert Wesley was first seen in the original series episode "The Ultimate Computer" and was portrayed by Barry Russo.



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regional titles

One of Our Planets is Missing
Il nous manque une planète
Die gefährliche Wolke
E' scomparso un pianeta
El Planeta Perdido