The Magicks of Megas-Tu
Episode 8 of 16 within Season One. Item 8 of 22 overall.
Production number 22009.
Larry Brody - Writer
Hal Sutherland - Director
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Stardate: 1254.4--While investigating the theory of creation, the Enterprise is caught inside an energy/matter tornado and pulled to the center of the galaxy.

original airdate--October 27,1973




Goofs: When the Megans attack the Enterprise, McCoy is seen wearing a yellow command uniform during one shot.

  • The people of Megas say they saw their friends burned in Salem. None of the people found guilty of witch craft in Salem were burned, they were hung instead.

Trivia: In the original script, the crew meet God. NBC objected to any reference to God. The producers changed God to the Devil and NBC accepted it.

  • Larry Brody had originally sent his script for the third season of the original series Star Trek: The Original Series but producer Fred Freiberger rejected it. Three years later, he pitched the same idea to Gene Roddenberry for this series. Roddenberry loved the idea and Brody's script. But according to Brody, Roddenberry rewrote the entire script. Brody did not realize this until the episode aired.


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regional titles

The Magicks of Megas-Tu
La magie des Megas-Tu
Das Geheimnis von Megas-Tu
Le magie di Megas-tu
La magia de Megas-tu