The Terratin Incident
Episode 11 of 16 within Season One. Item 11 of 22 overall.
Production number 22015.
Paul Schneider - Writer
Hal Sutherland - Director
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Stardate: 5577.3--A strange flash of light paralyzes the entire Enterprise crew and all organic matter begins to shrink.

original airdate--November 17,1973


Goofs: Christine's first "help" is heard when her head is underwater, yet is spoken clearly as if not underwater. Afterwards, she says "help" several more times when her mouth can be seen not moving.

  • On the bridge, Sulu breaks his right leg, but in sick bay, he is shown with his left leg in the splint.
  • Early in the story, McCoy mentions that the shrinking of the crew is because the spacing between molecules is decreasing, which is why the crew have the same mass as before; they're just shorter. Then later, it takes 3 engineers to operate the transporter levers. But if they have the same mass (and weight), a single person should still be able to push buttons and move levers.
  • A normal sized human has about the same density as water which is why normal sized humans are are neutrally buoyant in water (more or less). Having shrunk when Nurse Chapel falls into the aquarium she is seen sinking like a stone. This is correct because her size is smaller but her mass has not changed. This would mean she is now much more dense than she had been. She would not have been able to swim back to the surface of the water to call for help. She would have drowned before anyone could have helped her. The water would not have changed density because water is not organic.


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regional titles

The Terratin Incident
L’Incident de Terratin
Die Rettungsmission
L'avventura su Terratin
El incidente Terratin