Valley of the Shadows
Episode 1 of 19 within Season Two. Item 14 of 80 overall.
Production number 2002.
Michael Taylor - Writer
Michael Robison - Director
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Johnny is still shaken by his Armageddon visions and growing increasingly obsessed with Stillson, whom he's secretly investigating. But another mystery draws him back into the public eye: a test of Johnny's powers by an adversary who is as obsessed with him as Johnny is with Stillson.

original airdate--January 05,2003

network: USA

music--theme--"New Year's Prayer" by Jeff Buckley




"I had the perfect life. Until I was in a coma for six years. And then I woke up and found my fiancée married to another man. My son doesn't know who I am. Everything has changed. Including me. One touch and I can see things. Things that happened. Things that will happen. You should see what I see."

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015 Descent (I)

regional titles

Vallei van de schaduwen
Valley of the Shadows
Vallée de l'ombre
Das Wort Gottes
Gleann na Scáthanna
Il candidato, 2a parte
Valle de las Sombras