Speak Now
Episode 8 of 12 within Season Three. Item 40 of 80 overall.
Production number 10-3010.
Moira Kirland Dekker - Writer
Christina Lynch - Writer
Loren Segan - Writer
Michael Rohl - Director
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Johnny accompanies Sarah to a wedding and has a vision of objecting to the marriage.

The bride's dead husband is alive, and Johnny, Sarah and Walt must decide what to do in a situation similar to the one involving Johnny's coma and Sarah's marriage to Walt.

original airdate: August 01,2004

network: USA

music: theme song "New Year's Prayer" by Jeff Buckley





"I had the perfect life. Until I was in a coma for six years. And then I woke up and found my fiancée married to another man. My son doesn't know who I am. Everything has changed. Including me. One touch and I can see things. Things that happened. Things that will happen. You should see what I see."

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regional titles

Nu spreken
Speak Now
Parlez maintenant
Sprechen Sie jetzt
Abair anois
Parla adesso
Habla ahora