Fathers and Sons
Episode 20 of 22 within Season Five. Item 108 of 154 overall.
Production number 520.
A. L. Katz - Writer
William Mikaluk - Writer
Brad Turner - Director
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Opening narration: "In a world where youth is valued more than wisdom, what will become of our elders?"

From the outside, the Golden Sunset looks like any other rest home, but Dr. Benton Adler's facility is different in a few unsettling ways. The residents seem to develop Alzheimer's almost overnight and after they do, they live - or are stored - in tiny chambers in a human warehouse. It's the last place you'd expect to find Joe Dell, a high-living, low-income old musician who lives with his son Hank and spends his time teaching the secrets of the blues to his grandson Ronnie.

But Hank, a tightly-wound insurance salesman, is wary of his father's influence and after one fight too many, he sends his father to Golden Sunset. But Hank and Benton don't count on the power of Ronnie's love for his grandfather. With the help of Tara, a young woman who lost her grandmother to the rest home, Ronnie discovers Golden Sunset's secret - Dr. Benton has developed a technique to harvest the skills and talents of the old folks in his care.

Closing narration: "The greatest lesson one generation can bestow upon the next is that reverence for the past ensures the future."

original airdate--August 06,1999


music: theme song "Outer Limits" by Mark Mancina and John VanTongeren






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regional titles

Vaders en zonen
Fathers and Sons
Pères et fils
Väter und Söhne
Fathers and Sons
Padri e figli
Padres e hijos