Episode 19 of 30 within Season One. Item 19 of 90 overall.
Production number 6149-19.
Frederick Brown - Story
Gene L. Coon - Teleplay
Joseph Pevney - Director
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Stardate: 3045.6-3046.2 --An unknown alien race destroys an Earth colony.Kirk and the Enterprise pursue them into deep unknown space where a third group of aliens, the Metrons, transport him and the alien captain to a deserted planet where they must fight to the death... The Metrons promise to destroy the loser's ship and crew.

original airdate--January 19, 1967  

network: NBC

music: "Theme from Star Trek" "Where No Man Has Gone Before" by Alexander Courage 


Alien Races: Gorn, Metrons

Log Entries: 

  • Captain's log, stardate 3045.6. The Enterprise has responded to a call from Earth observation outpost on Cestus III. On landing, we have discovered that the outpost has been destroyed."
  • "Captain's log, supplement. We have beamed back to the Enterprise and immediately set out in pursuit of the alien vessel. It appears to be headed towards a largely unexplored section of the galaxy."
  • "Captain's log, stardate 3046.2. We are in hot pursuit of the alien vessel which destroyed the Earth outpost on Cestus III."
  • "The Enterprise is dead in space, stopped cold during her pursuit of an alien raider by mysterious forces... and I have been somehow whisked off the bridge and placed on the surface of an asteroid, facing the captain of the alien ship. Weaponless, I face the creature the Metrons called a Gorn: large, reptilian. Like most Humans, I seem to have an instinctive revulsion to reptiles. I must fight to remember that this is an intelligent, highly advanced individual, the captain of a starship like myself. Undoubtedly, a dangerously clever opponent."
  • "This is Captain James Kirk of the Starship Enterprise. Whoever finds this, please get it to Starfleet Command. I'm engaged in personal combat with a creature apparently called a Gorn. He's immensely strong. Already, he has withstood attacks from me that would have killed a Human being. Fortunately, though strong, he is not agile. The agility and I hope the cleverness, is mine."
  • "The Metrons, the creatures that sent us both here, said that the surface of the planet provides the raw material... to construct weapons. There's very little here – scrub brush, rocks, an abundance of mineral deposits, but no weapons in the conventional sense. Still, I need to find one; bare-handed against the Gorn, I have no chance."
  • "A large deposit of diamonds on the surface. Perhaps, the hardest substance known in the universe. Beautifully crystallized and pointed, but too small to be useful as a weapon. An incredible fortune in stones, yet I would trade them all for a hand phaser or a good, solid club. Yet, the Metrons said there would be weapons... if I could find them. Where? What kind?"
  • "This may be my last entry. I am almost exhausted. Unless I find the weapon the Metron mentioned, I have very little time left. Native sulfur, diamonds... This place is a mineralogist's dream! Yet... there is something about sulfur... something very old. Something... if only I could remember."


Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Klingon: logh: HeH Qav'e'. DaH 'entepray' Duj lengmey lutalu'. Qu' vagh-DIS: Huj chu' qo', yISam yIn tayqeq chu', vay' boldly nuqDaq V pagh 'ej explore.

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