The Motion Picture I
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Alan Dean Foster - Story
Gene Roddenberry - Story
Harold Livingston - Teleplay
Robert Wise - Director
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Stardate: 7410.2--7414.1--The newly renovated starship Enterprise is the only ship within range to investigate a strange phenomenon threatening Earth. Admiral Kirk must take command of his old vessel, and crew, and save humanity.

released date--December 07,1979

music--theme & songs conducted by Jerry Goldsmith

  1. Main Title/Klingon Battle
  2. Leaving Drydock
  3. The Enterprise
  4. Ilia's Theme
  5. Vejur Flyover
  6. The Meld
  7. Spock Walk
  8. End Title


budget--$35 million                                           

domestic:--$82,258,456 million

Adjusted Gross:  $273,648,700

Academy Awards Nominations

  1. Art Direction
  2. Visual Effects
  3. Original Score: Jerry Goldsmith


Alien Races: Vulcans, Deltan, Klingons, Andorian

Starships: U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, Voyager 6

Log Entries:

  • "Captain's log, stardate 7412.6. 1.8 hours from launch. In order to intercept the intruder at the earliest possible time, I must now risk engaging warp drive while still within the solar system."
  • "Captain's log, stardate 7413.4. Thanks to Mr. Spock's timely arrival and assistance, we have the engines rebalanced into full warp capacity. Repair time, less than three hours. Which means we will now be able to intercept intruder while still more than a day away from Earth."
  • "Captain's log, stardate 7414.1: Our best estimates place us some four hours from Earth. No significant progress thus far reviving Ilia memory patterns within the alien probe. This remains our only means of contact with our captor."


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alternative title

Also known as - Klingon=ghotvetlhDaq mIllogh

regional titles

The Motion Picture
The Motion Picture I
La Motion Picture
Die Motion Picture
An Motion Picture
Star Trek Il Film
La Pel̀cula