The Motion Picture
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Alan Dean Foster - Story
Gene Roddenberry - Story
Harold Livingston - Teleplay
Robert Wise - Director
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The newly renovated starship Enterprise is the only ship within range to investigate a strange phenomenon threatening Earth. Admiral Kirk must take command of his old vessel, and crew, and save humanity.

released date--December 7,1979

music--theme & songs conducted by Jerry Goldsmith

  1. Main Title/Klingon Battle
  2. Leaving Drydock
  3. The Enterprise
  4. Ilia's Theme
  5. Vejur Flyover
  6. The Meld
  7. Spock Walk
  8. End Title

budget--$35 million                                           

domestic:--$82,258,456 million

Adjusted Gross:  $273,648,700

Academy Awards Nominations

  1. Art Direction
  2. Visual Effects
  3. Original Score: Jerry Goldsmith


  • When the travel pod arrives at the Enterprise with Scotty and Kirk, The computer says "Travel pod available Cargo 6", but the sign above the door says "5".
  • In the final scene on the bridge, Spock and McCoy are wearing colored arm bands which identify their departments: Spock's is orange (for Science) and McCoy's is green (for Medical). In the very last shot, Spock is wearing the green band and McCoy is wearing the orange one.


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alternative title

Also known as - Klingon=ghotvetlhDaq mIllogh

regional titles

The Motion Picture
The Motion Picture
La Motion Picture
Die Motion Picture
An Motion Picture
Star Trek Il Film
La Pel̀cula