Machine Dreams (II)
Episode 2 of 22 within Season One. Item 2 of 24 overall.
Production number 002.
Art Monterastelli - Writer
Mario Azzopardi - Director
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When Hume's longtime CPB partner is killed during what, in 2070, is a rare investigation of murder, and a 12-year-old boy disappears, the mystery is linked to the use of illegal experimental technology made by Rekall - specialists in temporal vacations and artificial intelligence. Hume works begrudgingly with his new prim partner Ian Farve, determined to recover the boy safely and seek justice for his fallen comrade.

original airdate--January 12,1999

network--CBC network / Showtime

music: theme song by Jack Lenz


The Consortium:

By the year 2070, Earth and Mars (as well as space stations) are ruled by a unified government known as the Interplanetary Council (IPC). However, much of the real power is held by the Consortium, composed of at least six multi-global companies that financed the colonization of Mars.

The known six companies are:

  1. Rekall, the information technology powerhouse of the 21st century. Rekall also provides the Operating Systems for the Androids manufactured by Uber Braun.
  2. Minacon, the energy supply company, provides both the oil on Earth and the deuterium on Mars.
  3. Tashimo-Pacific, the transport company, created "Johnny Cab."
  4. Uber Braun, the rocket and robotics corporation, build the service androids.
  5. Variable Dynamics, the medical and bio-tech company, is interested in creating synthetic humans.
  6. Tillman Heath advertising boards are around the city in the series. Tillman Heath is the agriculture and chemicals giant but its real purpose was not unveiled in the 1st series. Its slogan is "Bringing the world's food supply to you."


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regional titles

Machine Dreams (II)
Des machines et des r’ves (II)
Maschinentršume (2)