Past Tense
Episode 4 of 20 within Season One. Item 4 of 26 overall.
Production number 1AHP03.
Jon Harmon Feldman - Writer
Jess Woolnough - Director
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When five bodies arrive in the morgue and ask for her help, Tru's mission is five times more difficult.

Meanwhile, after learning that the victims died at a bachelor party, Tru poses as a bartender to gain access. As she tries to systematically determine if one of them is the killer, her curiosity raises their suspicions, putting her in jeopardy.

original airdate--November 20,2003  rating--3.8 million


music--theme song--"Somebody Help Me" by Full Blown Rose

  1. " Take a Ride "by Sucker Pump


Goofs: When Lindsay brings Tru breakfast in bed on the second version of the day, she is excited that Tru remembered her birthday, and she also mentions that nobody else did. But it's still very early in the morning. It's not at all reasonable to assume that anybody forgot her birthday just because they didn't call before 8am.

  • Meredith is subjected to a random drug test at work. However, the drug test is announced late at night. Tru is already working her "graveyard shift" at the morgue, so we know the regular workday is over. Hardly anyone would be in the office. Therefore, it doesn't make sense for the company to be administering this drug test, said to be requisite for all employees, at that time.
  • Davis tells Tru that glucagon is a substitute for insulin in diabetic emergencies. In actuality, it does exactly the opposite of insulin, raising glucose levels in the blood while insulin lowers them.
  • John is slightly surprised to find that Tru is acting as bartender for the party, but doesn't dwell on it any further once she explains that she was supplied gratis to make up for the earlier "problems" with the room. But John should actually be extremely alarmed to find her there, given that he poisoned the ice and expects the other guests to drop dead. He certainly wouldn't want any witnesses to that.
  • Meredith submits to the drug test at her office. In the next scene, which takes place later the same evening, Harrison tells Tru that Meredith's test came back positive and she was immediately fired. But it takes at least 24 hours to get a result from a urine test at all. If the test is positive, the sample must be subjected to a more thorough examination. It usually takes at least 72 hours to get the results in that case. There's no way Meredith's positive results could have come back in less than six hours, even if a lab had been open late in the evening.
  • Luc arrives for his job interview at the Sheriff's while Tru is at the bachelor party. However, the clerk at the hotel told Tru that the party started at 7pm, so we know it's at least that late. It doesn't make much sense for Luc to have a job interview at that hour.


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regional titles

Past Tense
Past Tense
Past Tense
Aimsir Chaite
Le ombre del passato
tiempo pasado