Episode 5 of 20 within Season One. Item 5 of 26 overall.
Production number 1AHP04.
Douglas Petrie - Writer
Michael Katleman - Director
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When the body of a young medical student comes into the morgue, Tru must pose as a fellow student in order to stop what looks like a simple drug overdose.

While trying to save this latest victim, Tru gets a glimpse of the life that she's always wanted but that her own powers may prevent her from ever having.

original airdate--December 4,2003    rating--4.7 million


music--theme song--"Somebody Help Me" by Full Blown Rose

  1. "Stained Silver " by Caved In


Goofs: There's too much bruising on Paige's arm in the original timeline, given that she only had one injection given to her by a med student (on the day of her death). She doesn't appear to have had any previous injections when Tru looks at her arm in the second timeline.

  • The first time the day happens, Paige is quickly identified as the victim of a drug overdose. However, we find out later that she actually died by violent strangulation. Yet the only sign of trauma on the corpse was minor hemorrhaging in her eye. There should have been obvious signs of the confrontation, starting with huge bruises on her neck.
  • Why hasn't Tru met Luc? He came to the morgue very late the first time the night happened in the previous episode, after Marco scared Tru. Even though Tru seemed to stay at the bachelor party very late the second time the day played through, she had gotten into work by the time Marco tried to scare her again, so she should have still been there when Luc came in.
  • This episode misrepresents the scheduling and format of the MCAT. The exam is given in four sections, with an hour lunch break between the second and third. The morning session lasts three hours and fifteen minutes, the afternoon two hours and fifty minutes. If Tru was "more than three hours late" (and, presumably, less than four hours late) when she arrived after 2:30pm, then it presents two problems. Firstly, the session should be in the midst of its lunch break. Secondly, the test started much later in the day than the real MCAT does.
  • The clock in the MCAT testing room reads 10:55 when the test starts without Tru, and 5:05 when the proctor tells Tru that she's more than three hours late. But by those clocks, she's actually more than six hours late.
  • Both Tru and Davis refer to the petechial hemorrhaging (i.e. the bleeding behind Paige's eye-lids) as 'petechial imaging' at least twice in the episode which is very shabby given their experience working in the morgue.
  • The invigilator at the MCAT tests is sloppy. You can't hand somebody paper, even if it's only a tissue, during the exam.


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