Episode 8 of 20 within Season One. Item 8 of 26 overall.
Production number 1AHP07.
Jon Harmon Feldman - Writer
David Solomon - Director
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When a young war hero is accidentally shot to death trying to leave a military hospital, Tru inadvertently aids his escape when she relives the day. She quickly learns that he has complications from a battle injury that could be fatal if not treated immediately.

As she races to get the soldier the medical help he needs, she discovers he has a mission of his own – to find the girl he left behind and share what may be their final goodbye.

original airdate--January 8,2004     rating--4.2 million


music--theme song--"Somebody Help Me" by Full Blown Rose


Goofs: Justin is a police officer. As a result, his actions at the end of the day the first time it plays through make no sense at all. His girlfriend tell him that she has shot Nicole, and that the crime will be pinned on him because she used his gun. But he knows that there will be no gunshot residue on his hands, and there will be on hers. He knows that his whereabouts were accounted for at the time of the murder, because he was at the diner in full sight of any number of people. He knows that there is not a single shred of evidence aside from the gun, which has his girlfriend's fingerprints all over it anyway. If he were to simply arrest her now, there's no way she wouldn't be the one to go down, rightly, for the crime. Instead, he decides to tamper with the corpse and shoot two bystanders, in order to protect his innocence. It makes no sense at all.

  • How did lily pollen get on Nicole's dress? Justin's girlfriend never touched Nicole; we saw the confrontation the first day, and Nicole just shot her and then must have left very quickly because nobody saw her. Even if Justin's girlfriend were covered in the stuff, it couldn't have somehow jumped onto Nicole.
  • Tru's endeavors to convince Harrison of her abilities don't make much sense, for two reasons. Firstly, it's ridiculous that Harrison doesn't already believe her. She once slipped him the exact card he needed minutes later in his card game, and she convinced a man to wear a bulletproof vest on the day that Harrison's girlfriend was planning to frame him for shooting the man dead. Secondly, why would he suddenly become convinced just because Tru told him when it was going to start snowing? She once told him exactly when it was going to rain, and weather forecasters do the same thing all the time anyway.


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