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Episode 6 of 24 within Day One. Item 6 of 209 overall.
Production number 1AFF05.
Howard Gordon - Writer
Bryan Spicer - Director
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Kimberly and Rick bury the murdered Dan; Janet is moved out of the ICU and the truth about "Alan York" is revealed; Jack finds Teri at St. Mark's, but their reunion is short-lived as Gaines uses his leverage against Jack.

original airdate--December 18,2001  rating--5.5 million


music--"24 theme song" by Sean Callery


Goofs: During season one of 24, Jack answers his mobile to Gaines and we see footage of Jack on a CCTV camera. The CCTV footage shows medical staff moving, yet when they cut back to the camera in the hall the medical staff are in different places, they keep changing places and keep disappearing and re-appearing and the CCTV footage is about two seconds ahead of the footage in the corridor.


  • Jacks talks into a cell phone when a helicopter lands in front of him - and the other side understands what he's saying. What a cell phone.
  • When Janet enters the operating theatre, the surgeons put some x-rays on the light box. The x-rays are from a barium enema, which would have no relevance to Janet's injuries.


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