Six Meetings Before Lunch
Episode 18 of 22 within Season One. Item 18 of 158 overall.
Production number 225917.
Aaron Sorkin - Writer
Clark Johnson - Director
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When Zoey attends a college fraternity party in which one of her friends is busted for using illegal drugs, C.J. struggles to keep the embarrassing story out of the press while the White House staff celebrates the confirmation of their nominee, Judge Mendoza, for the Supreme Court. An uncomfortable Josh is assigned to talk with the administration's controversial nominee for assistant attorney general for civil rights who advocates that African-Americans receive financial reparations for slavery.

Elsewhere, Sam crosses swords with Mallory over the issue of private school vouchers while Mandy lobbies to secure two new pandas for the National Zoo.

original airdate--April 05,2000  rating--9.8 million


music--"West Wing Main Title" by W.G. Snuffy Walde

  1. "Jackal" by Ronny Jordon
  2. "Put On a Happy Face" by Charles Strouse
  3. "Down" by Stone Temple Pilots



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regional titles

Zes bijeenkomsten voor de Lunch
Six Meetings Before Lunch
Six réunions avant le déjeuner
Sechs Sitzungen vor dem Mittagessen
Sé Cruinnithe Roimh lón
Sei incontri prima di pranzo
Seis reuniones antes del almuerzo