Let Bartlet Be Bartlet
Episode 19 of 22 within Season One. Item 19 of 158 overall.
Production number 225918.
Patrick Caddell - Writer
Peter Parnell - Writer
Patrick Caddell - Story
Peter Parnell - Story
Aaron Sorkin - Teleplay
Laura Innes - Director
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Rumors percolate about a scathing memo that outlines the weaknesses of President Bartlet's administration for his political rival and grip the White House, until C.J. learns it came from one of the trusted staff. Now in someone else's possession, C.J. finally tracks it down to one reporter and tries to dissuade him from publishing it.

Meanwhile, Sam and Toby meet with opposing military officers and congressmen to discuss amending the current "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy towards gays in the armed forces. When two members of the Federal Election Commission resign, Josh sees opportunity and moves fast to meet with contentious senator's staffers to suggest that the President appoint two campaign finance reformers as replacements instead of those wanted by the Senate leadership. Leo not only has trouble with the White House's faulty e-mail system, he confronts the President and issues a challenge that could define or destroy his administration.

original airdate--April 26, 2000  rating--9.8 million


music--"West Wing Main Title" by W.G. Snuffy Walde

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regional titles

Laat Bartlet worden Bartlet
Let Bartlet Be Bartlet
Laissez Bartlet tre Bartlet
Lassen Sie Bartlet werden Bartlet
Lig Bartlet B Bartlet
Let Bartlet Be Bartlet
Dejad que Bartlet sea Bartlet