The War at Home
Episode 14 of 22 within Season Two. Item 36 of 158 overall.
Production number 226214.
Aaron Sorkin - Writer
Christopher Misiano - Director
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After his State of the Union speech, Bartlet boldly greenlights a daring military mission to rescue five federal drug agents taken hostage by Colombian terrorist commandos - until complications arise - while Toby is confronted by an angry, liberal Senator who threatens to launch a third-party run for President.

Elsewhere, a frustrated Josh tries to conduct a poll to sample reaction to the speech which he hopes will provide support for a new gun protection law but he wonders why his assistant Donna keeps urging him to ask out an attractive pollster. In addition, C.J. tries to convince the host of a TV political program to include a controversial policeman as a guest who was the President's invitee at his speech while Abbey is livid with Bartlet for what he said and didn't say in his speech.

original airdate--February 28,2001  rating--18.4 million


music--"West Wing Main Title" by W.G. Snuffy Walde




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regional titles

The War at Home
The War at Home
La guerre la maison
Den Krieg zu Hause
An troid in
The War at Home
La guerra en casa