On the Day Before
Episode 4 of 21 within Season Three. Item 48 of 158 overall.
Production number 227204.
Nanda Chitre - Story
Paul Redford - Story
Aaron Sorkin - Teleplay
Christopher Misiano - Director
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As a State Department dinner nears, President Bartlet boldly vetoes the "death tax" bill but his staff must hustle when they are surprised to learn that the House of Representatives have enough votes to immediately override the veto.

Meanwhile, as some important Democratic congressmen are holding out for some compromising political favors that incense Bartlet and Leo, Josh tries to smooth-talk a promising governor who is considering running against Bartlet. On the fringes, C.J. singles out an overmatched entertainment reporter for retribution and Charlie is strongly urged by his fellow White House teammates to ask for immunity in his upcoming testimony into the President's non-disclosure of his illness.

original airdate--October 31,2001  rating--17.8 million


music--"West Wing Main Title" by W.G. Snuffy Walden


Goofs: Connie tells Sam that she has a Ph.D. from Oxford University. Oxford does not award the title of Ph.D., a D.Phil. would generally be awarded to a successful doctoral candidate in the field of political economy.


  • In the beginning of the episode, prior to the opening credits, Special Prosecutor Clement 'Clem' Rollins formally announces the official list of subpoenas to be issued (which he reads aloud). The final name Rollins reads before the credits play is, 'Toby Zachary Ziegler.' Problem: 'Toby', while it is the name those who watch the show know him by, is still just his nickname, not his given name (which would be listed on a legal document). His given name is Tobias.
  • Considerable attention is paid to the fact that the President had never vetoed a bill before. In "In this White House" in Season 2, when Sam and Ainsley meet for the first time on "Capital Beat", Mark Gottfried asks Sam how the education bill the President is signing into law soon is different from the bill he had vetoed the week before.
  • While in the Oval Office Doug refers to the veto as being President Bartlet's "first veto ever". However, at the beginning of the episode "In This White House" (Season 2, Episode 4), the talk show host asks Sam a question about the Republican education bill that the President vetoed the previous year.



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regional titles

Op de dag vr
On the Day Before
La veille
Am Tag vor
Ar an L Roimh
Il giorno prima
El da antes