Gone Quiet
Episode 6 of 21 within Season Three. Item 50 of 158 overall.
Production number 227207.
Julia Dahl - Story
Laura Glasser - Story
Laura Glassner - Story
Aaron Sorkin - Teleplay
Jon Hutman - Director
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When an American spy submarine suddenly goes silent in hostile North Korean waters, an angry President receives advice from the Assistant Secretary of State and must decide whether he should notify the enemy or attempt a risky, secret rescue - while his wife, Abigail, learns that her past malpractice suits might be Bartlet's Achilles heel in his criminal investigation.

Meanwhile, C.J. is ecstatic over a potential presidential candidate's indecisive public remarks; Toby meets with a representative from an appropriations committee who wants to funnel money away from Congress' controversial funding of avant-garde artists.

original airdate--November 14,2001 rating--19.9 million


music--"West Wing Main Title" by W.G. Snuffy Walden

  1. "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred


Goofs: After Bartlett and Hoynes finish their conversation in the Oval, the exterior shot into the office shows that it's raining heavily, including thunder. The next scene is happening simultaneously in a park where Donna and Josh are meeting Cliff about the diary. It is dry, and obviously hasn't been raining since Donna and Josh both sitting outside on a bench with dry hair and clothing.

  • During the war crimes discussion between Leo McGarry and General Adamle, the aircraft piloted by Leo during the Vietnam War is incorrectly referred to as an F-105 "Fighter Chief". The correct and official nickname of the F-105 is "Thunderchief".

Trivia: The fountain that Josh and Donna meet Cliff Calley by at the end of the episode is the same fountain used in the opening credits of Friends. This can be seen by the same buildings in the background.

  • One of the subplots concerns Sam's obsession over the "Legal Tender Modernization Act", which aims at eliminating the penny. The act does exist and was actually introduced in May 2001 by Arizona Congressman Jim Kolbe. The act also aims at withdrawing the Susan B. Anthony dollar from circulation, and prohibiting any redesign of the $1 bill.


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