The Walk
Episode 7 of 24 within Season Three. Item 56 of 204 overall.
Production number 3X07.
John Shiban - Writer
Rob Bowman - Director
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Another failed suicide attempt by a patient in a military hospital interests Mulder with the talk of a "phantom soldier" which has prevented the man's death. The general in charge is at first opposed to the FBI's involvement until the invisible killer begins stalking him. But none believe when the primary suspect is a quadraplegic.

original airdate--November 10,1995     rating--15.91 million

music--theme song "X-Files" by Mark Snow"

Goofs:While searching for Lt. Col. Victor Stans, Scully yells out, "Lieutenant Colonel." A Lieutenant Colonel is always addressed verbally as "Colonel" as a military courtesy, except in writing. An FBI agent who has frequent contact with the military would be familiar with military protocol involving colonels.

  • Both the hospital administrator (general) and his female adjutant are shown wearing infantry officer branch insignia (crossed rifles). Hospital staff would be medical or medical service branch. Also a female soldier would never be infantry branch. Shoulder insignia on general is incorrectly placed (too low).
  • General Callahan tells Mulder that the man he saw in his office said his name, but all he said was, "Your time has come, killer".
  • It's completely impossible that the sound of the tape(that sounds like "Fox Maytrink") is in fact "Your time has come,Killer".
  • General Callahan, who is referred to as General Callahan throughout the episode by Mulder, gets called "Lieutenant" Callahan in the last scenes in the steam-room, while lying on the floor.
  • When the prostitute, Holly MacClaine, is first murdered, we see her face up. The next morning, when the police are at the crime scene, we see her face down.

Trivia:The film that Rappo is watching in his room is Sun Valley Serenade starring Sonja Henie, John Payne, Milton Berle, and the Glenn Miller Orchestra.


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regional titles

The Walk
Corps Astral
Der zweite Körper
Fuori dal corpo
El Caminar